About Us

How Rambler started…

Rambler is founded in 2007 by Carmen van der Vecht after portraying lots of young people living on the streets in cities as London, São Paulo and Amsterdam.

Their striking outfits, which they use to express their creativity and identity, inspired to show the world these unique street styles and powerful persons.

Rambler offers a dynamic platform to rambling young people for designing their style of streetfashion. It is grown to a social venture with operating studios in Amsterdam and Berlin.

A place where youngsters develop their talents, where they learn to create, make and sell, where they get practical work experience and where it is a safe haven to design their own life.

This is daily achieved by a team of creative and lifestyle coaches skilled within fashion design and within social youth work.

Our Social Work Partners

Streetcornerwork | Social Work Studio Amsterdam

Streetcornerwork is the organisation in Amsterdam for guiding street teens. They meet them on the streets and coach them in their offices through out in the city. So also at the Rambler Studio. Teens in the studio can be coached with their questions towards housing, school, work and their personal life. It gives them the trust and the ability to get out of the streets.

Neue Chance | Social Work Studio Berlin

Neue Chance is the organisation in Berlin for social housing and the guiding of the people. Neue Chance is working with Rambler in an exchange programme to start a second Rambler Studio in Berlin. In the studio Neue Chance will guide the teens with their questions to get out of the streets.

Our Financial Partners

Amsterdam  Berlin

Municipality of Amsterdam
Fundatie van den Santheuvel, Sobbe
Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie
Fonds 21
Stichting DOEN
Anton Jurgens Fonds
Fonds Kwadraat
Erasmus Plus | NJI

Aktion Mensch

Neue Chance


Erasmus Plus | NJI

Our Networks

Impact Hub

Social Enterprise.nl

NV Zeedijk