The Concept: ‘SCRAP’

Concrete, the rough and durable material modern cities are built from have inspired us with this collection. We’ve spoken over more then 200 street teens in Amsterdam, London, Accra and Sao Paulo and asked them what inspired them in the city.

The Inspiration
They know the city with its dangers, temptations and friendships. Their rough and unpolished answer gives an emotionally clear view on streetwear and their lives within that particular culture.

The Collection
We’ve harnessed that untainted and raw talent and created a collection that inspires. The collection we’re presenting has therefore been overall inspired by concrete and paper.

The materials of cities the teens are living in and which they use to express themselves. Street scrap form the colours of all fashion items in this collection.

The creations/artworks share stories of the rough lives they’re facing on a daily basis. Combined, they represent real stories from all around the globe, travelling in garments designed for the fall/winter season.

A collection produced fairly in Greece and made from organic cotton.