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Meet the makers & Ramblers
Are you an interested person, youth advisor, counselor or coach? 
Do you want to discover what Rambler does to guide young adults in a next step in their lives? Attend our open day or if you prefer that we come to you for a presentation, that’s of course also possible. For more information, contact: Corinne van Vliet

Wednesday, October 23 - 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Meet the Ramblers (Zeedijk 54, Amsterdam)
Come and discover how we work

Rambler offers programs for young people who have an affinity with designing, making and selling clothing. The youngsters learn, among other things, how to work from a style board, drawing ideas, modeling on a mannequin, making patterns, sewing, styling, helping customers. Investment in time: 2 to 3 day parts per week.