Rambler empowers youngsters to find their way in life through design. Youngsters that are called ‘Ramblers’: walking, searching, but finding their path one-day.

Rambler, a creative studio in Amsterdam and Berlin where they design their life through street fashion. A place for creative expression, skill development and personal exploration. Rambler offers a dynamic platform for these raw designers and their designs, branded by their stories.

Ramblers earn design fees, get assignments and build-up their self esteem. Everyone has, whether or not hidden, talents that need to be discovered and ultimately to get opportunities in life.

We offer programs for young people who have an affinity for designing, making, and selling clothing.

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Where it all started

Rambler is founded in 2007 by Carmen van der Vecht after portraying lots of young people living on the streets in cities as London, São Paulo, and Amsterdam. Their striking outfits, which they use to express their creativity and identity, inspired her to show the world these unique street styles and powerful persons.

Rambler Studios Amsterdam, the first creative Rambler Studio, is located at the Zeedijk, the street fashion district of Amsterdam. Our studio is a place for creative expression, skill development, and personal exploration where youngsters design their life through street fashion.

The studio is lead by a team of Rambler Creative Coaches and Lifestyle Coaches from Streetcornerwork, Rambler's social partner in Amsterdam.

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Rambler Studios Amsterdam is Aspirant Member of the Blik op Werk keurmerk