Adama - Rambler Studio Amsterdam Designer

A shining icon in the making; Adama (20) has joined the Ramblers. To him fashion, just like music, is not only a way to express yourself, it’s also a liberation of being who you are. Having taken his first steps into creating his own style, he hopes to climb the stairs to fame.

You’ve just started at Rambler; what’s your first impression?
The people are very nice, very open.
So I like that, I felt, like, at home, so that’s cool. 

Are there things you’d like to learn at Rambler?

First of all, I’d like to design my own clothes on a computer. And I’d really like to work with different kind of fabrics, and maybe find my own style in fashion. Maybe creating something that’s new and to see if there’s something in my mind that I can really put into this.

Where does your love for fashion come from?
It started by looking at artists. I like and create music, and fashion almost comes with that. Fashion is not always about 'expression' to me… I think in a weird way it’s really connected to music, and being free and different. I’ve always felt that about fashion.

 What are your plans for in the future? 
My future is about being an artist, SHINING. I hope to get famous. I want to be an icon. 

Interview and words by Tayyab