Redesign Your Shirt

So many shirts in your closet, but only wearing some?
Take them to Rambler and we’ll remake them together, so you can wear your own unique design! 

Knotted shirt/skirt
For this design you’ll only need scissors, measuring tape and some tailor’s chalk. By taking some simple but effective design altering steps together with the Ramblers we will show you how to make a sexy skirt or a totally new designed T-shirt.

Customized with your own logo
Another way to redesign your T-shirt is to make your own logo and fix that onto your old T-shirt to give it an all new and personalized look. The Ramblers would love to show you how to be creative and how to translate your idea onto your shirt.

The Workshops are given by Ramblers and creative coaches to adults. Rambler can offer you a special morning or afternoon for your team, it will be a team building event, educational and with impact and added value for corporate social responsibility policy for your company.  

The events can take place in a location chosen by you or at the central location of the Rambler Studios in Amsterdam at the Zeedijk. 
An event of two hours (a half-day) for 8 persons in our studio costs 250 euro (the price excludes T-shirts, extra catering and VAT). 

So start creating your own event and create opportunities for the Ramblers!

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