Unlock Your Talent Experience

Rambler friends, the countdown is on! We'll be going live
with the Unlock Your Talent Experience,
from the 
7th to the 12th of December 2020!

Across 5-days we will give you an experience that you haven't seen from us before, featuring our Ramblers, their creativity & stories told through fashion design, photography, film or any visual expression!


                     MEET THE RAMBLERS                    

This year, 20 of our Ramblers will showcase
their work across 4 different locations on the Zeedijk in Amsterdam! 

Like Rambler Jeroen, please see his introduction video!

Besides our own home studio at Zeedijk 54, we will also open up shop on Zeedijk 59,
the window from the NV Zeedijk 47 and the restaurant space at 41.

A complete Zeedijk take-over!

From these locations we'll put a spotlight on 20 Ramblers who will show their world through creativity to you. A special attention will be put on designs from left-over clothes in partnership with a brand that we will announce shortly.

What & When?
Everyday during the experience, our Ramblers will be showcased
 a few 
 times a day, for you to get to know them through various livestreams on our channels. Stay tuned because we will announce the exact programme soon.

             MEET US AT THE EXPERIENCE             

During The Unlock Your Talent Experience 2020 we would love to show you the work of the Ramblers and explore how we can partner.

- A Real Life Experience -
All our Experience locations on the Zeedijk
are open for visits from 11.00- 19.00

- An Online Experience -
If you like to experience our program online via a zoom meeting, please let us know. You will get an impression of the work of the Ramblers and there is time to catch up.

Follow our live programme online via Instagram, Facebook and our website - all details to be shared soon. 

If you'd like to meet in person or online, please contact us and send an an email to connie@ramblerstudios.com

What & When?
We'll be online everyday but you can also stop by the Rambler Studios at Zeedijk 54. There will be a host to guide you to all the locations. Or you can make a reservation for your own personal time slot by mail. The appointments can be made between 7 - 12 December from 11.00-19.00.

With visits we will take care of all the Corona measures.