The Concept: ‘Personal Style’

Everything is possible. There are a lot of collection themes out there, subjects and possibilities. And we have chosen for a personal approach, without an umbrella theme.

It’s ‘individuality’ that flows, where everyone wants to be unique, shone, has it’s own ideas and realizes them. The sky is the limit, without any boundaries and NO wasn’t an option.


The Inspiration
People in their twenties are ambitious and want everything. At the same these individuals belong to one particular group.

And that is what we notice at Rambler: everybody has its own qualities, talents and dreams. And we felt to focus on these individual talents, through which they personally progress.

But all these talents together have formed a very powerful collection of items.

The Items
Through this ‘out of the box’ approach, designers Carmen and Kris have looked at the bigger picture and have worked the young talents on their individual creations. Whether its design, graphics, printed or only styled.
Through the the use of materials, detail and finishing it turned out to be one entity.