The Concept: ‘12 splashes of attitude’
Exposing the bright side of talent:
12 young talented street teens have worked for month to design their own outfits, that together form a collection full of positivity and joy. The result: a splash of colour combinations, patterns and a variety of different fabrics.

The Inspiration
One wants to shows his or her talent and carries it with pride. The other just uses its clothing as a way to stay positively minded.

At that time we had to celebrate our anniversary and especially the summer makes us feel positive, better and makes us shine.

And even through set-backs, we have to try to change the negativity in something positive. Let’s don’t look what’s not there, but let’s be happy with what is in place and feels right.

The Collection
Our 12 young designers know how to handle set-backs and to continue living with a positive mindset. With that experience in mind, they have collectively created a great collection.

A group of different character with their own style, attitude and message they like share with others.

A free collection, but containing all kinds of individual outfits that have been formed through character: a positive attitude.